Editor—Communication & Policy Engagement (10-12 Years)

Role Overview

The editor will work closely with other editors and researchers to ensure that research outputs are created and published quickly.





  • · Edit and manage research work, working in tandem with the rest of the team.


  • · Ensure that areas of editorial focus are covered accurately, quickly, logically, and comprehensively.


  • · Guide researchers towards the creation of meaningful, quality content, with attention to serving the interests  of the organisation and the audience.


  • · Work with other editors to keep the website updated.






  • ·  Experience in writing, editing, and content management.


  • ·  A comprehensive understanding of editorial best practices.


  • ·  Knowledge of multiple style guides.







  • ·  About 10-12 years of experience as an editor.


  • ·  Substantial experience working in a fast-paced environment where quick turnaround times are critical for publishing research outputs.





Skill Set


  • ·  Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills.


  • ·  Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills.


  • ·  Strong analytical skills.


  • ·  Organised and detail-oriented.


  • ·  Clear, concise briefing skills so that researchers can deliver quality output.


  • ·  Proficiency in structuring stories.


  • · Ability to multi-task.


  • · Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.


  • ·  Multimedia skills are a plus.






This position will be based in Bengaluru. (Presently remote due to COVID-19.)



 How to apply


Please send an email to careers@cstep.in with the subject "Application: Editor – Communication & Policy Engagement” and attach a copy of your updated CV as well as a cover letter.

Research Engineer (2+ Years)

Role Overview

For this post, candidates with an expertise in high-resolution numerical modelling related to air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and meteorology at regional scale are sought. The applicant must have experience working with WRF-ARW and CAMx or comparable modelling systems in high-performance computing platforms. The researcher will work on the WRF-CAMx modelling system to derive the pollutant concentrations at regional scale and development of reduced form models for air-quality forecasting.





· Simulate dispersion of air pollutants at regional scale with the help of chemical transport models in high performance computing (HPC) cluster platform.


· Collect and analyse different types of data sets (air quality monitoring, reanalysis, satellite products, model simulation, etc.).


· Assist in developing emission models and handling big data analytical tools.


· Participate in relevant conferences, workshops, and training programmes for a comprehensive understanding of the air pollution risks.


· Assist the team in working on multi-disciplinary projects, proposal writing, report writing and project development.




Qualifications & Experience


· Master’s degree or PhD in a discipline related to air pollution, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, environmental science, or a similar field.


· Sound understanding of the different aspects of air pollution.


· Minimum two years of research experience in WRF and/or any chemical transport models





Skill Set


· Experience in understanding/modifying/bug-fixing complex model codes.


· Hands-on experience in weather modelling and air quality modelling at regional scale in high performance computing (HPC) cluster platform.


· Strong research skills with good written and oral communication skills.


· Ability to work within a Linux/Unix environment.


· Knowledge and hands-on experience on programming languages and data analysis tools like FORTRAN, Python, R or any high-level programming languages.


· Ability to handle huge volume of datasets (NetCDF, GRIB, ASCII etc.).


· Experience in working with Microsoft office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).


· Experience in WRF model in high performance computing (HPC) cluster platform.






How to apply

Please send an email to careers@cstep.in with the subject "Application: Research Engineer” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Project Manager - Air Pollution Studies (5 Years)

Role Overview

To ensure effective management of projects by coordinating with various stakeholders for data collection and timely outputs.






· Act as a liaison between research organisations, institutes, and other stakeholders.


· Create data-collection project plans -- identifying milestones, monitoring, and reporting progress during the course of the project.


· Coordinate and work with multiple stakeholders (institutes, government organisations, etc.) to translate requirements from the research team and collect relevant data.


· Act as a point of contact for issues and queries regarding data collection exercise and engage proactively with stakeholders to ensure successful data collection as per the plan.


· Build a positive, collaborative working relation with government organisations, various stakeholders, and research partners.


· Assist with preparing regular updates and emails for distribution.


· Participate in weekly team meetings and assist with preparing minutes.


· Accompany other team members for meetings with other stakeholders; prepare minutes of the meetings and assist with relevant follow up.




Qualifications & Experience


· Master’s degree with a specialisation in business administration or allied fields.


· Sound understanding of the different aspects of air pollution.


· Minimum five years of experience in coordinating multiple projects (preferable in air pollution domain).




Skill Set


· Able to prioritise work and organise large volumes of work, often at short notices and with changing timescales.


· High level of accuracy and attention to detail.


· Positive attitude and proactive approach towards work.


· Strong communication skills, and willingness to constantly engage with stakeholders for data gathering.


· Willingness to work on multi-disciplinary projects.


· Good written and oral communication skills.


· Experience working with software programmes such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.








How to apply

Please send an email to careers@cstep.in with the subject "Application: Project Manager - Air Pollution Studies” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cove

Climate Adaptation Expert (6-8 Years)

Role Overview


The climate adaptation expert will contribute to the overall work of the adaptation and risk analysis team. The expert will specifically contribute to the development of frameworks and toolkits for analysis of vulnerability and climate risks; the development of a mainstreaming framework for adaptation; and the development of metrics for measuring resilience.





Climate Vulnerability/Risk Analysis and Adaptation:


· Undertake vulnerability profiling at regional and sectoral scales.


· Compile and generate material for developing vulnerability toolkit.


· Identify programmes for mainstreaming adaptation, using climate-risk profiles developed by the team.


· Develop resilience/adaptation metrics.


· Work with institutions in pilot testing frameworks and metrics.


· Communicate with external agencies for data, and scan websites for data pertaining to vulnerability and risk analysis.



Other Responsibilities


· Draft reports, policy briefs, and journal articles.


· Assist in project management as appropriate and work closely with other members of the team, as well as with the adaptation research community in India and abroad through CSTEP’s various engagements and projects.


· Support the team lead in the development of proposals.


· Support the broader activities of CSTEP through development of briefs and other written and verbal communication on various aspects of climate vulnerability/risk and adaptation.


· Perform outreach activities by conducting stakeholder consultations and through participation in workshops and conferences pertinent to the area of work.





A Master’s degree in Climate Science and Policy. A Ph.D. in a related field is desirable.





At least 6-8 years of experience in climate vulnerability/risk and adaptation assessments, and development of training material and manuals.



Skill Set

· Sound knowledge of IPCC climate vulnerability/risk assessment framework and mainstreaming frameworks.


· Experience in developing vulnerability profile at different scales.


· Experience in project coordination and engagement with governments, NGOs, and academicians.


· Good verbal and written communication skills.


· Strong work ethics and discipline.


· Publications in reputed journals.


· Good working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and Power Point).



The selected candidate will be paid a salary as per CSTEP’s norms, and commensurate with demonstrated skills and experience.







How to apply

Please send an email to careers@cstep.in with the subject "Application: Climate Adaptation Expert”, and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter

Lead – Climate Mitigation (20 Years)

Role Overview

The climate mitigation lead would provide strategic direction, design programme goals, direct research, and assist in policy engagement and public outreach.





CSTEP has an acknowledged reputation for research in emissions reporting and modelling, where it has made noteworthy policy contributions. Our research is focussed on a) Energy Emissions, and b) Climate Mitigation. 


The focus-area-specific responsibilities for this role are as follows:


· Energy Emissions:  

· Project India’s long-term emission pathways using various modelling tools, such as computational general equilibrium (CGE), energy systems optimisation (TIMES), and systems dynamics (STELLA). 


· Explore the interlinkages between energy, water, food, and land.  


· Climate Mitigation:

· Evaluate the policy and technology options to pursue low-carbon pathways  (NDC targets as well as long-term transition).                                                                                                                                                           

· Explore the sectoral decarbonisation strategies for India.


Other primary responsibilities include:


· Assisting the Sector Head in developing the Climate Mitigation team’s long-term goals. Helping in designing the programme strategy, and developing project proposals to assist in raising funds for the group.


· Providing thought leadership to the team to take the work forward.


· Leading project teams – including designing work plans, guiding research, and ensuring report quality.


· Driving the impact of research by engaging with policymakers and stakeholders, and advocating research findings with a view to inform the policy debate and guide government's strategic direction.


· Playing an active role in outreach by writing in mass media, disseminating research to stakeholders, engaging in capacity building, representing CSTEP in various forums (conferences, workshops, etc.), and building awareness about climate risks and support for mitigation efforts among the wider public.





· A Ph.D. or a Master's degree in Environmental Science/Economics/Engineering, or a related field.






· At least 20 years' work experience.


· A thorough understanding of energy-economy-emissions modelling. Actual modelling experience would be a plus.


· Demonstrated record of lucid analysis and writing.




Skill Set


· Rigour in research, with a focus on policy ideas and impact.


· Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


· Ability to manage multiple projects, and work under tight deadlines.


· Strong work ethic, timeliness, and discipline.


· Ability to mentor and motivate a large team of able researchers.



The selected candidate will be paid a salary as per CSTEP’s norms, commensurate with the demonstrated skills and experience.




Bengaluru or Noida



How to apply

Please send an email to careers@cstep.in with the subject "Application: Lead – Climate Mitigation”, and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.


CSTEP works in critical areas such as environment, energy and strategic materials to enable sustainable growth. We are also involved in cutting-edge research that incorporates Artificial Intelligence for social good and computational tools and modelling to provide solutions for complex developmental issues in India.